Lake Bolsena - Jewel in the Heart of Italy

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Bomarzo - Parco dei Mostri

Great Renaissance Gardens

Bomarzo's Sacro Bosco or "Sacred Grove" is a garden in total contrast to the regimented symmetry to be found in the nearby Villa Farnese and Villa Lante. It is indeed a glade in which the visitor "happens" on fantastical tableaux drawn from ancient Greek myth and Roman times. There is no order and in fact, the peculiar is to be found round every corner.

The Garden is the creation of Vicino Orsini, a soldier and contemporary of the Cardinal Farnese. Indeed he was married to Guilia Farnese and created the garden in her memory after her death - the temple at the top is a shrine to her.

The garden became very neglected during the 19th and 20th centuries, but has been brought back to life by the Estate's current owners, the Bettini family. They have saved the statues but kept much of the wilderness, making it a great place to explore.

Bomarzo is about 50 minutes drive from Bolsena, lying close to the main A1 autoroute and the SS675 that runs East to West from Orte to Viterbo.


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