Lake Bolsena - Jewel in the Heart of Italy

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Bolsena Everything You Need to Know
Fleur Kinson
April , 2004 Norzia Press ISBN 0-9547594-0-0

Fleur Kinson, doyenne of Italian travel writers, has written a superb guide book on Bolsena and the surrounding area. Strongly recommended to visitors. Read an excerpt from the opening page and click on the picture below it for more information:

"Tourists lured by their thousands into nearby Tuscany and Umbria, overlooked this precious corner of Lazio altogether; by the time they arrived in any significant number, so had ultra-modern ideas of sustainable tourism and sensitive development. Thus the loveliness of the giant crater part-filled by Lake Bolsena is assured - for now and for the foreseeable future. After many millennia in the making, the place has been deftly brought to perfection.

Pristine and uncrowded, this huge green-side bowl with its glittering blue floor forms a private, almost secret world. What lies beyond the crater is not only invisible from the inside, but holds less and less fascination to visitors mesmerized by the tranquility here. It is an arena in which newcomers quickly feel at home, a place which compels the same holidaymakers to return year after year."

Also check out Fleur's other sites.

Link to Robert Ryan's article

From The Sunday Times
June 17, 2007
Italy's great unknown town
With no signs and little help, things arenít easy for tourists in Bolsena - so this unsung town is perfectly unscathed.
Click on this picture to read an article by Robert Ryan.

Link to Anne's article about Bolsena

Meet Anne Robichaud, traveller and essayist and self-proclaimed italio-phile.

She came to Italy over 30 years ago as a student and has never gone back. Now a lecturer and tour operator she devotes a page of her travelogues to Bolsena. Click on the picture to read about her annual pilgramage to the Lake.

Beware. Food gets a strong mention, those on diets please turn over now.

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